Movies from the year you were born

Recently, a fellow film enthusiast made a post that really stuck with me on Facebook. He asked his friends to comment their favorite film from the year they were born. The friend, Eric, was born in 1983- a tough year because so many good movies!! He wound up choosing Return of The Jedi. The task was not only name your favorite movie but you can only choose one-he was very adamant about it. Seeing his struggles along with everyone else on the thread- I silently thought about the question to myself. Thinking of all the hits from ’95, I started to stress about only being able to pick one. Out of everyone in my friend group (Eric included) I am the one actually in film school so what kind of student of film am I if I did not participate in this? I had three film choices I was stuck on:

Toy Story was one choice because my childhood was based solely around my woody and buzz dolls. The next I thought of was definitely Mallrats because early Jason Lee and ’90s Kevin Smith are legendary. My last choice was Clueless a timeless favorite of mine. Choosing between a movie that most people would assimilate to my personality- Mallrats and the other two that were major parts of my life growing up- I chose Mallrats. I am actually still thinking about this decision. I have not watched that movie more than two times in my life but I chose it as my favorite movie over two that actually made major impacts on my life… why did I do that? I like to think I keep up a front of who I really am to those outside of me and the very few that I let in- including my film taste. As much as I loved this challenge and seeing everyone’s different comments and just a whole lot of love for movies, I’m slowly realizing that others can have fun with film but this is my passion and I take it seriously. I wish I could step out of my shell and let others know that a person with passion for film and filmmaking does not always mean we can’t love a dumb for what it’s worth. I need to be more honest with myself and stop putting this front up for no reason…


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