To start things off, my name is Allie Harris and I’m from a little suburban town outside of Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas). I am a digital media production major with an emphasis in digital cinema at University of Central Missouri. I’m 21 years old and I have four dogs, a very crazy, dysfunctional an lovable family, and I also have a strong passion for the art of film making and movies themselves. My life goal is to be able to be apart of production team that creates something we all share a love for. I started this blog as a semester assignment for a class I’m currently in and I’m very excited to see the creativity this brings out of me and my writing and hopefully be a wonderful outlet to express myself through.

For fun I love exploring my city, going to the movies and getting into crazy predicaments with my best friend and roommate, Matt. He’s the person I see movies with the most so he may come up in my blog posts depending on if it’s relevant or not. I hope you enjoy the random film blog I have and let me know if there’s any improvements or what you might like to hear more of from me!!

**the featured picture is Matt and I at the premiere of Star Wars: A Force Awakens. I thought it might shed a little light on what we look like and it only made sense that it be from a premiere!