The most challenging part of this was constantly thinking about what to post or if I should post what I’m thinking of posting. I love to write but to consistently keep me writing once a week was a challenge but in a good way. I pushed myself to keep my creativity going and my thoughts … More Final

Music in Films

Does a certain song affect your perception of a movie? I tend to connect different songs to different people, same with movies and songs. Whatever song I hear in a movie, I relate it to everything. For example, my favorite film is Pulp Fiction. The beginning of the film is famous for including the hit … More Music in Films

Review: Logan

I honestly hate the superhero films that have been popping up what seems like every 3 months. If one isn’t in theatres, they sure enough have at least trailers out or whatever kind of hype the production companies come up with to keep the superhero buzz going on full blast. What really gets to me … More Review: Logan