Review: Logan

I honestly hate the superhero films that have been popping up what seems like every 3 months. If one isn’t in theatres, they sure enough have at least trailers out or whatever kind of hype the production companies come up with to keep the superhero buzz going on full blast. What really gets to me is the playful and innocence that is portrayed in what is actually very gory and complex comics. Marketing is aimed at children for these movies but what about the grown ups that grew up with these comics? It’s kind of a slap in the face to completely change everything just to fit a PG or PG-13 rating. Things changed when a little anti-superhero emerged in the film world and critics and fans alike were weary of a release of Deadpool that wouldn’t have anything under an R rating. Everyone was correct, Deadpool was the first movie of its kind to be given a green light with the rating it received. The movie had soaring reviews and led to the idea that maybe superhero movies don’t all have to be aimed at children. That’s where Logan comes in.

Walking into Logan I wasn’t expecting the rating at all. Much of the Deadpool got its rating from the sexual situations, nudity, gore and vulgar language. I couldn’t imagine what I was going to get from the film. Looking back, there were little things I loved like subtle hints at Wolverine’s early comic looks and even involving the X-Men comics in the plot. Definitely nostalgic and feel good at times that doesn’t take away from how boring and drawn out the actual plot is. What saved my attention span was the gruesome carnage that Wolverine should have been given in the X-Men movie franchise and also the adorable yet terrifying character- Laura.

I won’t go into detail on her but expect good things if you’re looking for gore and cute kids mixed together. Overall, I left the theatre satisfied and adrenaline filled. I give this a C- for some editing I think could’ve been improved, lack of an engaging plot, and an abrupt ending. Happy movie watching, friends! 🙂


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