Review: Let The Right One In

Recently for one of my classes we were shown the 2008 Swedish film Let The Right One In. Before we screened it, I talked to a few friends about it who had seen it and got their opinion on the highly regarded film. I’ve known about this since it’s release almost ten years ago but it always takes me forever to get to around to viewing foreign films even if I hear glowing reviews- which I have. Obviously lately that has changed after watching Amelie and being disgusted with myself for taking so long to watch it. But, that’s for another blog post that you can find on here 🙂

Back to the review. Director Tomas Alfredson brings to the life the critically acclaimed novel of the same name written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The tale centers around two children, Oskar and Eli, that are outsiders within their community that find love and trust in each other. Oskar is bullied relentlessly by kids at school while mysterious Eli is plagued by being a vampire. A beautiful story about sacrifice and true love that happens in what might seem like a bad time to anyone else besides the two children. Dark, gritty, and absolutely lovely, this is unlike any other “horror” film I’ve ever seen. Some have claimed that this film falls into a new subgenre of horror- romance horror. Despite the gruesome scenes that must be included to show the depths of Eli’s character, the love we see and absolutely feel from Oskar and Eli make this a notable romance also. Refreshingly real acting from each member of the cast made this a standout film alone, to me. If you’re looking for something very different with a tremendous amount of emotion attached, this film is something you should check out. Don’t get it confused with the U.S. version: Let Me In that is adapted from the same book, take a chance on a foreign film and you won’t be disappointed.


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