Foreign Films- what’s the best genre?

Recently, I found that foreign films have the greatest horror. American horror films, with the exception of Cabin in the Woods, have really gone downhill in the past few decades. We had the awesome 70’s, the fun and wacky B horror of the 80’s, the realistic terror of the 90’s but now we’re stuck in a rut. So, I decided to venture out of English dominated films and went to the foreign film section to find some hopefuls. Boy, was I right in doing that. So far, I have made the decision to stick strictly to Japanese and Italian horror because where America has been lacking, those two countries have been flinging out some amazing gore.

Yes. Gore is very popular in these countries and that’s why they’re gaining more and more attention. We’re past the age of psychological horror, we want blood and terror. Not only are they giving that to us but they’re doing it in a tasteful and beautiful way. Horror is an art form and American horror filmmakers should start taking notes.


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