1. The most challenging part of this was constantly thinking about what to post or if I should post what I’m thinking of posting. I love to write but to consistently keep me writing once a week was a challenge but in a good way. I pushed myself to keep my creativity going and my thoughts going.
  2. What was most valuable was making myself do the writing. I would always be thinking about what I’m going to write about- how I’m going to keep the vision of my blog relevant to what I’m doing where the vision may not be as clear. I’ll take away the fact that I can now do this and hopefully I’ll get better at keeping this relevant to my life outside the blog.
  3. It surprised me how hard it can be to have a center theme for a blog.
  4. I’d be harder on myself to post more frequently.
  5. My best post was the one about Amelie, it was from my gut and I got so overrun by emotion after I watched it, I immediately pulled my computer out and started typing away on the blog post I did.

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