Amelie- what took me so long?

Whatever it was keeping me from watching the 2001 French film Amelie, all these years, is inexcusable. After finishing the nearly two hour film revolving around a woman who finds joy in taking the lives of others into her own hands and doing with them whatever she pleases- in good ways of course, I sit here feeling whole. Never have I felt more connected to a character emotionally and mentally from a film. I wanted to do a review of this but under the circumstances, I don’t believe I can give an unbiased critical analysis of Amelie. So, what I will do with this post is essentially gush over it. Get ready.

First off, the cinematography. Oh. My. God. After a brief research of the color scheme associated with the movie (reds, greens, and yellows) I found that this is done out of inspiration of Brazilian artist Juarez Machado. In a world filled with pain at the time, I can’t imagine not being overwhelmed with beauty and happiness at the gorgeous serene and tranquil aesthetics that is this film. Amelie ventures through the lives of those that encompass hers only to find out more about herself. Through her escapades we see a colorful world of markets, apartments, houses, country side and all within the limits of her city Montmarte, France. Everything and everyone has it’s very own personality- something I enjoy thinking about when I have time to slow down and notice my surroundings. The French make living look so easy and the cinematography did nothing but help prove that thought. From their cafes to their vineyard-like homes in the countryside not far from the city, the food and the atmosphere is welcoming and warm even through a camera.

Living vicariously through Amelie is what I did through the whole film. What I want more than anything is to help those I love around me find happiness and let those less deserving than that get their just deserts. She along the way finds someone just as unique and loving as she- a match made in the stars. Even when we think it may not amount to anything due to missed opportunities and Amelie’s introversion, the two find each other and everything she wasn’t before- a lover, open, and willing to take a chance- she accepts it and love finds her after so long.

Emotional, yes, but in the sweetest of ways. The film reminds me of the same feeling I get from pillow talk. Although the film is famous and highly regarded, it still gives me the sense that only I know about it. That’s how personal this film quickly became for me.



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